Electronic Hardware Design

hardwaredesign-1-732Rick Miller and Associates have been in the forefront of electronic hardware design and implementation for over 20 years using state of the art tools during each succeeding hardware advancement from old school analog to the latest digital hardware designs. Our team can handle any design project you have.

Digital Hardware Designs:

74HCxxx, ASIC, A/D, bubble memory, CMOS, D/A, DAT audio, DDR2, DLP, dual-port DRAM, DMA, Flash memory, Gate Array, infra-red receivers and transmitters, LCD display timing, light pen, MEMS, MIDI, PAL, RS232, CAN, PCI bus arbiter, semiconductor analysis, serial EEPROM, serial mouse and joystick, stepper motors, switched capacitor filters, synthesized music, UART, Verilog & VHDL FPGA ( Lattice & Xilinx ), virtual reality audio and video, video processing, voice synthesis. Reverse engineering

Microcomputer Hardware Designs:

8031, 80C552, 8097, 80x86, H8, PIC, Z80, Z86C08, 6800, 6502, 6805, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68F372, 68F375, MPC555, MPC5100, MPC5121, MPC5200, MPC5282 Coldfire, m*core, Netburner, Rabbit Semiconductor, Sican 4 bit RISC, Tensilica.

Analog Hardware Designs:

A/D, AC line TRIAC, biometric fingerprint scanners, carotid stenosis, compression / expansion, credit card R/W, ESD electro static discharge protection, free-precession proton magnetometer, filters (BP/HP/LP), Induction heating and cooking, Infrared Tx/Rx, lighting systems, load cells, log amps, medical instrumentation, modulator / demodulator, opamps, optical isolation, oscillators, piezo, random noise generator, smoke detectors, switching power supply, T/R metal detectors, video processing. Reverse engineering.

Radio Frequency Designs:

370 MHz remote control Tx/Rx, 900MHz telephone, DC-2GHz 60dB amplifier. Virtual reality video processing and LCD display timing. Consumer garage door controls, car controls, security sytems. Induction cooking up to 4000 Watts. PCB designs to pass FCC Part B, and to improve signal integrity.


Code Wright software editor, MetroWerks CodeWarrior, PC-lint, VSS software configuration management, Install Shield for SDK release, Lotus, Word, Excel, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, debuggers, monitors, ICE, audio and RF signal generators, frequency counters, LRC meters, PCB signal integrity modeling, PCB layout, Cosmic, Zap debugger, P&E debugger, Diab, SDS, OrCAD, BDM, JTAG, ESD gun, Lattice & Xilinz FPGA development.