Software Creation

cplus-1-732Rick Miller and Associates offers a vast range of programming skills from C++ to the latest in Ruby on Rails scripting to the most arcane programing languages being currently utilized. We have teams ready to handle your every programing need. Let us quote your latest project.

Software - High Level:

Microsoft Visual C++, Borland Turbo C++, Quick Basic, GW Basic, mostly PC based. Fortran, Cobol on other OS. C for 8051, 68HC11, 68HC12, 68F372, 68F375, m*core, Power PC MPC555, MPC5100, MPPC5200, MPC5121, and Zilog controllers. Applications include BIOS drivers, database report generators, data collection, flash memory drivers, games (24 bit color interactive), graphical analysis, printer drivers, system utilities, postal scale, home security systems, real time embedded controllers.

Software - Windows:

Windows applications using Microsoft Visual C++ and Borland Visual C++, Resource Workshop, and ProtoGen. Applications include home automation (SmartHouse), real-time data collectors and graphical analysis, plug & play, printer drivers, various custom system utilities.


Code Wright software editor, Metrowerks COdeWarriot, PC-lint, VSS software configuration management, Install Shield for SDK release, Lotus, Word, Excel, oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, debuggers, monitors, ICE, audio and RF signal generators, frequency counters, LRC meters, PCB signal integrity modeling, PCB layout, Cosmic, Zap debugger, P&E debugger, Diab, SDS, OrCAD, BDM, JTAG, ESD gun.

Operating Systems:

Use MS-DOS and Windows on PC's, BIOS drivers. Unix on Apollo and Sun workstations. Write own OS for real time controllers. System on Silicon drivers. RTSO, ThreadX, QNX, Linux. Rabbit Semiconductor, Netburner uCOS, Freescale uBoot and dbug.

Software - Assembler:

Extensive experience with Intel, National, Motorola, Freescale, Phillips, PIC, Sican, Tensilica, and Zilog microcomputers. Specific experience with AC line control, barcode readers, BIOS patches, cellular radio, credit card transactions, communications PL, DPL, SINAD, VSWR, RSSI, diagnostics, electronic engine controls, embedded real time controllers, flash memory drivers, home security, HVAC controls, instrumentation, LAN, lighting systems, load cells, mouse interface, radio communications, remote controls, stepper motors, uninterruptable power supplies, video processing, weights and measurements. Software reverse engineering in general.